Sorèze Bus Accident: The Bus Recipient Accepts Damages Of Rs. 275, 000

The bus recipient is exhausted from going back and forth in court for three years. For this reason, Vishamitr Bundhoo of the National Transport Company (NTC) involved in the Sorèze accident occurred in 2013 has accepted damages of Rs 275,000. He sued the NTC and the State Insurance Corporation of Mauritius (SICOM) and the trial was called yesterday.

The bus recipient jointly and severally demanded Rs. 15 million as damage to both companies. The defense lawyer has proposed to offer the sum of Rs 275,000 to the complainant.

After consultation with Vishamitr Ram Bundhoo, Mr. Viren Ramchurn, the bus recipient’s lawyer informed the judge Gaytree Jugessur-Manna that his client accepted the offer and the lawsuit was dropped.

Mo tromatizé kan mo pens sa aksidan Sorèzla. Malgré trwa zan finn pasé, mo latet touzour fatigé,” said Vishamitr to a source in the chamber of the Supreme Court.

In his complaint written by Mr. Sunil Luchmun, Vishamitr Bundhoo Ram says that on May 3, 2013, he was on duty on board of the bus registered 4263AG07. Arriving at Sorèze, the driver reported that the bus brakes have failed and he lost control of his vehicle.

Then, during a maneuver the bus crashed into the side of the road. Eleven people, including the driver, were killed while several other passengers were seriously injured. The bus recipient was seriously wounded in the neck. He spent ten days in intensive care unit at the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo hospital.

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