Louis Steven Franco Ritta Sentenced To One Year In Prison For Sexual Abuse

Louis Steven Franco Ritta was sentenced on Tuesday, May 31, to twelve months in prison by the Vice-President of the Intermediate Court, Niroshni Ramsoondar. She found him guilty of abusing a minor. After the verdict, the defendant gave notice of appeal to the court.

He had pleaded not guilty of the offense that occurred on June 20, 2008 and for which two charges were brought against him. The accused had sex with a minor of 13 years old in a house in Albion. Louis Steven Franco Ritta was then aged 30. He was a longtime friend of the godfather of the girl. The accused denied the charges and provided an alibi: he claims that he was at the Champ de Mars at the time of the offense. His alibi was rejected by the court.

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