[VIDEO] Scientists Intrigued By A Hole On The Surface Of The Sun

A coronal hole on the surface of the sun was seen by the Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA.

Coronal holes are regions where the magnetic field lines open out into space and do not dive back into the sun, releasing the hot gases. The one observed between 17 and 19th of May is the largest coronal hole ever seen: it is 10 times the size of Earth!

Coronal holes tend to form when the sun passes from a maximum activity at a lower activity. They move on the surface of the sun for several months.

Geomagnetic Storms
Where it concerns us is that a solar wind escapes to three times higher speeds than normal. When the coronal hole is headed toward Earth, geomagnetic storms can be caused.

Solar activity is a phenomenon that attracts the attention of scientists, who believe that they hold the key to understanding the emergence of life on Earth.

Watch video below:


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