Car Sex Lovers: “Do not forget the handbrake”

In a message posted on Twitter on May 31, Swedish police have advised their compatriots to remember to put the handbrake if they wanted to have sex in their car. And because the Stockholm police had to rescue two lovers caught in a passionate outburst, their handbrake had failed to engage. Their car was then rolled down a slope on the island of Södermalm to be on a rocky outcrop.

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The advice has been issued by the Twitter account of two agents, Viktor Adolphson and Johan Säfström, known in Sweden for their humor. They are also monitored by 65,300 subscribers. This account is not a fake. It is actually held by these police officers dedicated to emergency field operations.

These two officers are accustomed to joke that hits. There they would pin a paper in which criminals consider themselves “dissatisfied police work.”

On another tweet issued in May and noted by AFP, reads: “Ce n’est pas bien d’essayer de tromper quelqu’un avec un faux permis. C’est carrément stupide si en plus le permis dit que tu es né le 30 février.”

These officers have a surprising outspokenness. Here they criticize the new police training, which now excludes personality tests.

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