Drones: The Government Made New Regulations

The use of drones will be regulated by the government.

The Council of Ministers meeting on Friday, June 3, took note of the amendments that the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism and External Communications, Xavier-Luc Duval made to existing laws to ensure safety in our airspace.

These regulations call for the use of drones should in no way endanger people or destroy objects.

Some requirements for the use of “Remotely Piloted Aircrafts and Remotely Piloted Aircrafts Monitoring” (drones) after the amendments the government intends to provide:

  • The operation of a remotely piloted aircraft must not endanger someone or something;
  • No action will be taken unless the person flying a remote controlled plane is convinced that the flight can be conducted safely;
  • the operation must be within visual line of sight of the operator to avoid collision with other aircraft, persons, vehicles, walls and structures;
  • flying height will be up to 400 feet (120 meters) above ground level, unless authorized otherwise by the Director of Civil Aviation;
  • the authorization of the Director of Civil Aviation will be required to fly a plane piloted remotely in classes A, C, D or E airspace that have been reported in the Aeronautical Information Publication;
  • permission from the air traffic control unit will be required to fly a plane piloted remotely in an airport traffic area during the reported hour.

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