[VIDEO] United States: A Man Attacks The Murderer Of His Daughter In Full Trial

Van Terry went to the trial of Michael Madison, the killer of his daughter Shirellda and two other women last Thursday. The judgment of this serial killer took place in court in Cleveland, Ohio. What he did was impressive when he was called to the bar.

The court in Cleveland (United States) was abuzz last Thursday. In full trial of serial killer Michael Madison, an event marked those present at the scene. Van Terry, the father of one of the girls that the criminal killed in 2013, was literally thrown on Michael Madison. The father visibly saddened and full of hatred and anger against the murderer was called to the witness stand when he committed this unusual act.

Watch video below:


“I know we’re supposed to find the strength within us to forgive this clown … who took my child,” he testified before the bar just before watching the criminal. Then after a moment of silence, he gained momentum and was projected on the accused. Police officers and many of those present in the court caught the father and took him out of court according to the website 20 minutes.

Michael Madison, the condemned man had in fact defied the family of the victim with his smirk. Terry Van unable to bear the behavior of the murderer lost his cool, hence the impressive attack.

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