[Mare Aux Vacoas] Plaine Sophie – A Cyclist Raped And Threatened To Be Killed

A woman of 37 years old, residing in high Plaines Wilhems has lived a nightmare on Sunday morning. She was sexually assaulted by a motorcyclist while she was cycling in Plaine Sophie.

The woman who is a director of a call center has a habit of cycling in this region of the country. She leaves her house for the Plaine-Sophie / Mare aux Vacoas / Grand Bassin trip. But this Sunday, her bike riding trip became a nightmare for her.

A motorcyclist followed the cyclist and overhauled her at a certain time. He waited for the cyclist some distance further. Ignoring the danger, the woman continued her way to the Natural Park of Plaine Sophie. But once she arrived besides the driver of the motorbike, the latter thrust onto her. She lost her balance and fell on the ground. He then took advantage of the vulnerability of the woman who tried to beat him.

The victim tried to resist but was exhausted and could not defend herself. The man took the opportunity to remove the cyclist’s clothing before abusing her. The alleged attacker then threatened to kill her. Panicked, the woman who was half naked began to swim in the natural Park reservoir towards a ranger to get help. The suspect then went away and escaped.

Elements of the Emergency Response Service saw the victim and rescued her. She told the police that an individual had abused her and vanished. Police and the Criminal Investigation Division of Vacoas were summoned to the scene.

The victim told the police where she was sexually assaulted. She was then taken to a clinic for treatment.

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