[Roches Noires] – Meet Pradeep Who Lives Without Water And Electricity Utilities

Pradeep is a 50 year old man living in a house with water and electricity facilities at Roches Noires. He’s living a nightmare since 4 years and looking at the condition of his house, one would not call it even a house. However, the 50 years old man has the guts and courage to face life even without electricity.


Pradeep From Roches Noires 2


Everyday Pradeep has to fill water from the public tap in plastic bottles for his consumption and use. He sells incense sticks door to door to earn some money to buy food and he claims to eat dry bread almost daily.

The team of Subeer Basdeo meet him and other nearby families only yesterday at Roches Noires where food and blankets were distributed. In fact, there are about 35 houses in such conditions at the same location. Subeer and his team took the initiative to come to help to those families and they cannot do it alone.

Pradeep From Roches Noires

“We need your help, people,” said Subeer. Therefore, he is making a humble request to the population who wants to help these families are suffering daily. It is important to know that living in such conditions is a very bad experience and against humanity. Subeer and the Viral Google News is asking for the generosity of Mauritians or even people from out to come into help. You can message us on Facebook if you’re from abroad and want to help.

If you donate items or money, we will honestly come into help to those people in need. Give us a call if you are ready any time on Subeer’s mobile phone at 57724295. Helping is humanity. Thank you in advance.

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