The Embassy Of France Attack: Nadim Edoo Accepts That The Bullets Found At His House Are his

In a previous interrogation, he said that the two bullets found at his house belonged to Reaz Tegaully, a resident of Goodlands. Nadim Edoo, a resident of Plaine-Verte, however retracted his statement. Asked again on Monday, June 6 as part of the investigation into the attack against the embassy of France, he said that the bullets are his.

On Wednesday June 1, a search was conducted at the residence of Nadim Edoo. Two shotguns of caliber 12 and 30 and two 12 caliber bullets were seized. When asked by the men of the police superintendent Sailesh Kumar Behary and Inspector Moonsamy Poorecelen at the central Barracks, Nadim Edoo said to have got these bullets from Reaz Tegaully.

When the latter was asked about the bullets, he brought forward a denial. “Mon client coopère avec la police. Il a remis ce qu’il fallait aux enquêteurs et ses permis de port d’armes sont en règle. Il a affirmé ne rien avoir à faire avec l’attaque contre l’ambassade de France ni avoir remis quoi que ce soit à Nadim Edoo,” indicated the lawyer of Reaz Tegaully following the interrogation of his client by the CCID on Thursday, June 2

Since the gunshots, the entire police force was mobilized for the maximum safety of the public.

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