Azuri, Riviere Du Rempart: Navin Runomally Not Paid And Threatened By His Contractor

Navin Runomally is a construction worker who works with a contractor at the Azuri site in Riviere Du Rempart. The works are being managed by the Grinaker company and it is the same company that makes payment to them. Navin and his contractor is a team of 25 men who has been working there regularly until Navin and his coworkers were not paid.

Navin Runomally claims that they did not receive their payment amounting to Rs. 125, 000 for 25 workers. Here’s his story: He and his colleagues were working for an unregistered contractor. Actually, the contractor got a deal to work at Azuri site found in Riviere Du Rempart handled by the Grinaker company. Payments are made bi-weekly by Grinaker.

After two weeks of hard work, all workers got their payment. However, it was not the case for the second term where they were partially paid by the contractor in charge. When asked, the contractor told them that he did not get paid by the company. The workers went to the premises of the Work complaints bureau in Riviere Du Rempart to inquire prior to finding out that the contractor got paid every two weeks.

Angry, the workers went to talk to the contractor who in turn, refused to pay them. The contractor and her son even threatened them, especially Navin. He said that some of his colleagues are without food and have to pay house rent.

Navin Runomally is looking for advice an help so that he and his coworkers get paid as soon as possible. He’s out of money and feel helpless. You can give him a call on his mobile phone 58887979 to help and advice.

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