Gunshots Against The Embassy Of France: Vishal Seebchurn In The Sight Of Police

Seetaram Seebchurn, also known as Vishal, was taken by the CID of Port Louis South on Tuesday, June 7. He is suspected of being involved in the case of shots fired at the St. George Street, Port Louis. His house  located at Cent-Gaulettes was raided: nothing compromising was found there.

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The man is suspected of belonging to a gang that sows terror in the South. Seetaram Seebchurn spent two hours at the central Barracks as part of the investigation into the shootings at St. George Street. The suspect had been arrested (and released) in March as part of the investigation into the assault of Noursing Aslam, who had severed wrists.

On June 2, he was again arrested for assault with premeditation. Her neighbor accused him of playing music at full volume. Seetaram Seebchurn did not appreciate her comments and assaulted the woman. He was detained and did not get parole.

After the shootings at St. George Street, the investigators arrested him again. Reason: Seetaram Seebchurn had access to firearms in the past. After two hours at the central barracks, the suspect accompanied the police to a search at his house. Two units of the Special Support Unit (SSU) and the Scene of Crime Office elements have made the trip. It is under heavy police escort that the suspect arrived at his house in Beeharry Lane, Cent-Gaulettes.

The strong police presence caused a crowd in front of the house of Seebchurn. The elements of the SSU, armed with batons, have squared the court. Members of the Criminal Investigation Port Louis South Division accompanied the suspect to the first floor. Nothing incriminating was found.

A local resident did not hide his indignation. “Vishal enn bon dimounn dan landrwa. On le traite comme un dangereux tueur.” After the search, the same individual expressed his hostility towards journalists. He was subdued by police. Another man was also reprimanded.

Seetaram Seebchurn was sent back in police cell. He will be questioned on Wednesday, June 8, in the presence of his lawyer, Yatin Varma. Relatives of the suspect led a press conference in Port Louis on Tuesday afternoon to proclaim his innocence.

His wife, Maheshwaree Seebchurn says her family is going through a difficult test. “Je suis seule à prendre soin des enfants. J’ai des dettes à payer. Mon époux, qui est contracteur, a été encore une fois arrêté. Mes enfants sont traumatisés. Mon époux est innocent,” she said.

The investigation is supervised by the SP Behary.

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