Kenya: A Monkey Behind A National Blackout

A monkey caused an electricity blackout across Kenya on Tuesday morning, falling on an electrical transformer in Gitaru (center), explained in a statement by KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company), the largest electricity producer from the country.

“A 11h29, un singe a grimpé sur le toit de la station hydroélectrique de Gitaru avant de tomber dans le transformateur. La chute a entrainé la surcharge des autres machines et la perte de plus de 180 mégawatt dans la station, ce qui a déclenché une panne nationale,” KenGen detailed.

The incident lasted nearly four hours before power was restored. Our technical teams managed to restore supplies to areas affected by power outages. The country is again fed normally, then stated Daniel Tare, CEO of Kenya Power, the main Kenyan electricity supplier.

“Les installations de KenGen sont sécurisées par des barrières électriques pour éloigner les animaux sauvages. Nous regrettons cet incident isolé et la société examine des solutions pour encore améliorer la sécurité sur nos différents sites,” apologized KenGen.

As for the monkey, he survived his fall and was entrusted to the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS), said KenGen.

Gitaru is one of the largest hydroelectric power stations of East Africa. Located 180 kilometers northeast of Nairobi, is one of the first sources of energy in the country.

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