[Video] Farewell To The Small Vagish Shamloll And Police Woman Mewa

Sadness. Shock. Incomprehension. So many feelings that animated the people who went to L’Aventure to pay their last tribute to Vagish Shamloll on Thursday, June 9. The boy was on board the canoe that unfortunately capsized in Grande-Rivière-Sud-Est (GRSE), Wednesday afternoon. Taken to hospital, Vagish Shamloll did not survive.

Former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam and the Labour Party MP Anil Bachoo went to L’Adventure to present their condolences to the family.

Vagish Shamloll

Watch video below:

The emotion was also palpable in St-Julien, Flacq, where the funeral of Urmila Mewa took place. The latter, who has five years of service in the police force were among the victims who perished in the tragedy occurred at GRSE on Wednesday.

The young woman was working at Brisee-Verdière police station. The former environment minister was present during the funeral.

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