[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] The “F ** k Off” Words Used By Shakeel Mohamed At PwC

It was heated debate. Andrew Bonieux and Rajeev Basgeet, the two PricewaterhouseCoopers partners (PwC), are yet to forget the first hours at Fashion Style Ltd. on the 26th of May. And because they had a heated discussion with the lawyer MP Shakeel Mohamed, who was already there that day.

L’Express is in possession of an exclusive video of the confrontation, when both partners took possession of the building housing the operations of the company of Rakesh Gooljaury at the Ibis Street, Quatre-Bornes. This, following a decision of the Supreme Court, after an injunction was issued by banking institutions and MauBank AfrAsia, prohibiting the businessman to negotiate franchises owned by Fashion Style.

Appointed on May 20 by the Supreme Court to administer Fashion Style and a range of companies belonging to the ex-business partner Nandanee Soornack, the tandem Bonieux / Basgeet therefore took action on 26th of May. Because in the meantime Rakesh Gooljaury chose Sattar Hajee Abdoula from the Grant Thornton firm as director of his business. He therefore took an order of the Court to decide and to succeed at PwC.

Reportedly, the two directors had to wait outside for four hours before being allowed by Paul Lam Shang Leen, Lead Counsel of Rakesh Gooljaury, to access the building.

However, the unexpected presence of  Shakeel Mohamed at the scene was the main cause of the debate. This is what has angered the two directors. One of them, namely Rajeev Basgeet, ordered his offi cial to take the name of the lawyer, and that of all those present in the building. And at the same time, he asked the lawyer to leave the scene.

Shakeel Mohamed “Koumadir mo enn nwar touni”
The lawyer justified his presence: “Paul Foo Kune, qui voulait racheter les marques de Fashion Style, a retenu mes services. Mon client m’a demandé de rencontrer certains managers de Fashion Style en vue de ce rachat. C’est ce que je faisais quand les administrateurs sont arrivés.”

Obviously, the lawyer of the former horse owner did not like the way Rajeev Basgeet reacted to him and hence the virulently launched towards a few words towards the latter. “Tonn amerd mwa la. Pa nek koz ar mwa koumadir mo enn nwar touni. Nek dimann mwa ki mo pé fer la.” Or… “Taa, rod kouyonad ar mwa, gagné ar mwa.”

Watch video below:

Therefore, André Bonieux intervened to calm things down. He asked Shakeel Mohamed to evacuate, insisting he has “la responsabilité du bâtiment.” An injunction which did not please the lawyer. Who replied: “Je ne prends pas d’ordre de vous, Monsieur Bonieux.” The latter answered him: “Excitez-vous quand il y a lieu de s’exciter.” Prior to threaten to call in the police force.

Meanwhile, Paul Lam Shang Leen, a former judge who is also the Chairman of the Commission of the drug investigation, asked some official of the PwC to leave. Response of a stakeholder: “Comment ça, dehors ? Mwa ki bizin met déor.” The PwC team has finally succeeded with difficulty to invest the building.

Shakeel Mohamed confirmed the incident
Reached by phone on Thursday, June 9, Shakeel Mohamed explained what he was doing there, before administrators arrived. In addition to representing the interests of his client, Paul Foo Kune, he declares to be the defense of these employees because they were questioning “virulently” by some representatives of PwC. And that’s when everything went to hell. Shakeel Mohamed said estimating that his presence at the scene did nothing illegal since it was after his arrival that the administrators came to take possession of the building.

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