Alleged Medical Negligence After An Injection Of Avastin: RS 36 M Claimed As Damage To The Ministry Of Health

Four patients who received the injection of Avastin at the Subramaniam Bharati Eye Centre in 2014 counter-attack. They have resorted to justice to jointly seek damages of Rs 35,890,320 to the Ministry of Health and the State.

Ram Krishna Rao Appadoo, Ravindath Kasee, Ranjit Jowohir and Louis Sylvestre Antonio, former patients of Subramaniam Bharati Eye Centre found in Moka do not count to give up. They each lost the use of one eye. They had received an injection of Avastin in 2014. For the complainants, there was medical negligence on the part of employees of the Moka hospital.

Today, the first three named have lost the use of their left eye. And Louis Sylvestre Antonio has lost the use of his right eye. They each lodged a complaint at the Supreme Court to demand damages from the Ministry of Health and the State.

If Ram Krishna Rao Appadoo is claiming Rs 14,467,923 as damage, Ravindath Kasee request a sum of Rs 6, 687 685. As for Louis Sylvestre Antonio, he made a claim for damages of Rs 8,506,307, while Ranjit Jowohir demands Rs 6228 405 totaling Rs 35,890,320.

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Their trial will be called on June 16, 2016. They retained Mr. Gavin Glover’s services, Senior Counsel, and Pazhany Rangasamy.

In his complaint, Ram Krishna Rao Appadoo explains that on the 8th of April 2013, he went to Subramaniam Bharati Moka Eye Center for a consultation. He argues that he received on three occasions, injection-based Avastin (July 4, December 12, 2013 and 22 May 2014). Despite these treatments, his sight has not improved, but the contrary.

Ranjit Jowohirdit have received the same injection on May 22, 2014, after being examined by a doctor of the Moka hospital. While Ravindath Kasee says he was under treatment in the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital, Pamplemousses, attendants of this health institution recommended an injection of Avastin. Something that was made on the 22nd of May 2014. Meanwhile, Louis Sylvestre Antonio, who was following treatment at the Jeetoo hospital, also claims to have received the injection of Avastin on January 30, 2014.

The four plaintiffs say they then went to India for treatment. But they each lost the use of their eye. They argue that this has caused them huge losses and had an impact on their family and social life. They say they can no longer work because of a handicap.

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