Death Of Pranay Seeballuck: “Je n’avais rien remarqué d’anormal,” Says The Mother

“J’attendais son retour à la maison dans l’après-midi, comme d’habitude. Mais il n’est jamais revenu. À la place, c’est la nouvelle de sa mort qui m’est parvenue…” said the sobbing mother of Pranay Seeballuck. On Thursday, June 9, the seven year old boy died suddenly while he was in the courtyard of the Bheewa Mahadoo School in Rivière du Rempart. The little boy who was in Std III made a malaise.

The incident occurred shortly before 3 PM. The teacher took the children into the yard to deepen their knowledge on the chapter of “plants”. They thus examined the plants when without warning the little Pranay fainted.

The schoolmaster and his assistant immediately took the boy to the resort Area Health Center for medical first aid. But he was already dead on his arrival. It is in vain that the duty doctor tried to revive him. According to our information, the Emergency Medical Service was alerted but did not intervene. Fifteen minutes after their arrival, the boy was pronounced dead.

Alerted, the police arrived on the spot and transported the body to the morgue department of the Victoria Hospital in Candos for autopsy that was performed by Dr. Maxwell Monvoisin who attributed the death to severe anemia.

Saroja Seeballuck’s only son was in good health and not suffering from any disease. “Ce matin (NdlR : jeudi), j’ai préparé son cartable. Il était jovial. Il a joué dans la cour de la maison avant de partir à l’école. À midi, je suis allée à l’école pour lui apporter à manger. Je n’avais rien remarqué d’anormal.

On Thursday night at the home of Seeballuck in Rivière du Rempart, relatives and families were preparing to erect a green room for the night. Inside the house, Saroja is in tears. “Qui c’est qui va m’appeler maman maintenant ?“.

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