Rape Of A Cyclist At Plaine Sophie: A Cake Lead To The Suspect

Its after six days of extreme investigation that the police finally put thier hands on Jean Marie Didier Bauda. The man aged 29 year old was caught on Saturday afternoon, June 11, by a Special Team of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Curepipe.

Having found the ‘cupcakes’ in the culprit’s bag that was left on the spot after the rape, police started investigation at the nearby pastries. Luckily, an owner of the business indicates that he delivers cakes at a shop in La Marie. Then, with the help of the surveillance cameras they saw the culprit.


Didier Bauda who lives at Très-Bon No. 1, Vacoas is suspected of being the rapist. He confessed his crime on Saturday.

During questioning by the men of SP Frichot, and the chief inspector Omrawoo, the suspect described his crime in detail.
He reports that he left his home around 7 AM that day on his motorcycle to buy bread. He then decided to go to Mare aux Vacoas for a fishing trip. On the way he stopped at a store to buy cakes.

Along the way, he saw a woman biking near Mare Aux Vacoas. The suspect says he was attracted by the body movements of the cyclist. He was influenced and decided to attack the woman. Thus, he waited for the woman a few meters further.

When the rider reached him, the suspect made a sudden jump on her. The woman fell and Didier Bauda assaulted her in the head and face. Then he tried to choke the woman. When the victim was weak, the aggressor dragged her into a field.

Thinking she was dealing with a thief, the woman told him she was willing to hand over her valuables, including her bicycle, her cell phone and pair of shoes.

But Didier Bauda who had something else in mind refused. He partially removed the clothing of the victim, fondled her prior to raping her. Before leaving he threatened the woman and he left his backpack behind containing provisions and his fishing rod.

Surveillance cameras
Traumatized, the woman was able to head towards Plaine-Sophie region where she met a security guard to whom she recounted her mishap. The latter immediately alerted a patrol of the Emergency Response Police Department. The victim was later taken to a private clinic for treatment. She then recorded her statement and gave a description of her rapist.

Police mobilized various units under the supervision of the assistant commissioner Veeramalay. Investigators viewed images recorded by the surveillance cameras in the area. On one of these images, investigators came across someone who met the descriptions of the suspect provided by the cyclist. Thus, on Saturday afternoon, Didier Bauda was apprehended by the CID of Curepipe.

Initially, the suspect tried to deny the charges against him. But thanks to the evidence gathered by investigators, and after two hours of interrogation, he finally cracked. He was remanded in custody. On early Sunday morning, he was taken to the crime scene for a reconstruction of the facts.

After this exercise, Didier Bauda was provisionally charged with rape before the Bail & Remand Court of Port Louis. The police objected to his release and he was taken back to the cell.