[ARSENAL] On The Way To The Mosque For Iftar, Ahmed Killed In An Accident

Asif Ahmad Russool (35), resident at Dina Road in Plaine des Papayes died on his way to the Jummah Mosque to break his fast (Iftar). Unfortunately, he was victim of a road accident.

Ahmad was on his motorcycle in the company of a friend from the same town when the accident occurred around 5:45 PM on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Ahmad, a bachelor, lived with his mother Farida (66). He used to break the fast with her but that day, he told his mother that he had to visit a sick friend living in the capital. Before going to the Jummah Mosque, he made his prayer.

But along the way in the area of Arsenal he took the direction of Port Louis and was hit by another motorcycle. The two motorcyclists lost balance and ended up on the asphalt. The impact was very violent and they were injured. They were rushed to the SSRN hospital. Ahmad was in critical condition when he was taken to hospital. He succumbed to his injuries.

His family requested an autopsy to be done during the evening. They wanted the funeral to take place as soon as possible. The victim died due to a ruptured spleen. As for the friend of Ahmad he received treatment and was admitted under medical observation room.

The other rider (43) involved in the accident is a resident of Trois Boutiques in Triolet. He was seriously injured and is hospitalized under medical observation. Terre Rouge police has opened an investigation to shed light on the circumstances of the accident.



Born into a family of six children – four brothers and two sisters Ahmad is the second last of the family. He lost his father two years ago. According to his mother he did not want to marry. Old server at the Hotel Balaclava where he was rewarded for his server quality. However, he decided to work for his own and wanted to emigrate to Canada and had already taken steps to that effect.

In 2013, his parents had enrolled their names for the pilgrimage to Mecca. Only his name came out during the draw. Ahmad was proud to have been able to perform Hajj. On his Facebook page, he posted his photo on the day he left for Mecca. He never missed an opportunity to complete his five daily prayers. “Sa jour ki li faire accident sa la mo ti casse roza tout seul et mo ti garde ene banane pour li mo dire kan li retourne li capave mange. Mais juste kuma mo peu alle faire Iftar mo gagne telephone ou dire mo garcon fine fer accident. Kan mo alle hopital li fini mort,” says the mother.