Hema R. : “Le ministre Bhadain m’a dit de ne pas précipiter les choses”

Akoz li pé protez Sailesh, mo la vie ine ruiné
An agent of Roshi Bhadain, Sailesh K., finds himself in trouble when his ex-girlfriend, Hema R., decided to denounce the ‘Human Rights Commission’ (HRC). The complainant, a resident of Curepipe, went to the commission this week to denounce him for several offenses, including assault, torture, sexual abuse, extortion and death threats, among others. She also alleges that Akilesh Deerpalsing, an adviser to the Minister Bhadain, reportedly tried to intervene so that she removes all statements made to the police against the man who could have been her husband. She also argues that her attacker told her repeatedly that he would not be worried as he would have the support of his ‘Dada’, Roshi Bhadain in this case. The latter, as claimed by the victim, intervened to convince her not to pursue this matter?

Distraught, Hema R. does not know where to turn. Her life turned into a nightmare since she met Sailesh K. with whom she was supposed to marry. It was in February 2013 that she met him through the social network Facebook. They remained in contact until April 2014 when the two finally decide to go out together. Everything was going so well and Hema R. thought she had found the man of her life. But she came to know his true colors quickly. “En septembre 2014, nou fine commence gagne problème dans nou relation à koz mo finne gagne l’information à travers Facebook ki Sailesh K. so réputation pas bon et ki dans le passé, li finne arnaque plusieurs dimounes, surtout banne madames…,” she says. As the days went, their relations festered. “Li ti pé faire moi subir tou kalité tortures. Mo ti pé peur pou dénonce li au départ parski li ti menace pou ranne public ène sex tape ki li ti éna en so possession,” recounts Hema R.

Overcome by fear, she was forced to sell her jewelry and borrow money from the bank to fund the foolish desires of her lover, the purchase of a second hand BMW at a cost of Rs 400,000. She complained to the police and Sailesh K. was arrested and charged four times only to come out, as Hema R said. Hence she decided to alert the ‘Human Rights Commission’ on the 8 June.

Relations between Sailesh K. and Roshi Bhadain

In her testimony, Hema R. argues: “En octobre 2014, Sailesh fine coummence travail comme agent et chauffeur pou M. Roshi Bhadain so campagne électorale dans Quatre-Bornes. Li fine continué harcèle moi, batte moi et à chaque fois li dire moi ki ‘to pas pou kapave fer moi nanrien akoz mo DADA pou vine ministre bientôt’. Mo fine arrivé koné ki ‘DADA’ veut dire M. Roshi Bhadain“(note: DADA is synonymous to ‘big brother’ in Bengali). She then contacted M. Roshi Bhadain. “M. Bhadain ti confirmé avec moi ki M. Sailesh effectivement pé travail pou li pendant campagne électorale,” she said in her deposition. She also claims that her attacker gave her death threats on her workplace, and in public, while he launched the following words: “To pas pou capave fer moi nanrien (…) mo DADA la même et li ène ministre (…) Ala mo DADA pou retire moi encore.” The scene was recorded by a surveillance camera and has already been presented to the HRC.

Telephone conversation with Roshi Bhadain

Hema R. says she is surprised that Sailesh has been released in each of his charges. “A chaque fois ki mo rapporte ène case contre li, li réussi gagne caution ou soit la police pas fer nanrien mem. Et par la suite, li continué menace moi et li dire moi ki li gagne protection la police akoz li ene zom Roshi Bhadain,” she reveals in her testimony. This was what pushed Hema R. to call the minister on January 31, 2016. “Mone téléphone M. Bhadain pou dire li ki akoz li pé protège Sailesh, moi mo lavie ine ruiné. Line dire moi ‘pas précipite les choses et li pou avoye M. Akilesh Deerpalsing vine guette moi,” she says in her statement to the authorities.

The adviser Deerpalsing actually met Hema R. at Plaza, Rose-Hill in February 2, 2016. He was accompanied by Sanjeev Issary (CEO of the National Property Fund Ltd – Sailesh K. was his driver) and another advisor to the Minister called Ibrahim. “Zotte fine écoute tou séki mone raconte zot à propos M. Sailesh et M. Deerpalsing fine dire moi : ‘pas implique nou si ou pé décide pou alle de l’avant avec sa bane cases-là,” she said. However, the agent of the Minister of Good Governance continued to insult, harass and attack her (physically, mentally and sexually) and even on Facebook. Hema R. made a further statement against Sailesh K. But he was again released on bail. As a response, he told Hema R. “Ala la mo DADA ine fini tire moi. Kan li la ki mo per ? (…) Nanrien pas pou fer moi peur tant ki mo DADA là et ala  line tire moi ène coup call line fer la police. Mo pou coupe coupe toi et pou zete toi.


Arbitrary Arrest

In her testimony, Hema R. says she was detained twice in Eau Coulee police station. The first dates back to March 21, 2016 when she when to recover her laptop and touch pad that she had previously left for the purposes of an investigation. She was detained for more than three hours without any reason. “Ene inspecteur J. dire moi ki line gagne information depuis la station de Quatre-Bornes pou arrête moi. Li fine ferme moi dans ène la chambre et fine mette ène madame officier CID pou veille moi dans la chambre là (…) Après trois heures temps mo fine gagne ène appel telefone dépi Inspecteur S. de la police Quatre Bornes. Li dire moi ki line gagne information ki mo under arrest et ki li ti juste informe station Eau Coulée ki bizin moi pou ène statement et ki mo pas under arrest et ki information fine mal passer,” says Hema R. in her testimony.

A month later, she was again retained in police cell for an ordinary text message history. The intervention of a journalist and a senior officer of the police was required for her to be released without charge against her.


Overwhelming Evidence

Believing that her police testimony against Sailesh K. were futile, Hema R. finally decided to turn to the HRC to demand justice. She maintains that her rights, including ‘protection of right to personal liberty’, ‘continuous harassment by Police’ and ‘police using all means to protect the person against whom I have lodged several serious dispositions‘, have been affected. Her testimony was supported by a series of incriminating evidence against her attacker. A video showing Sailesh K. currently threatening Hema R. on her workplace was also filed.

Hema R. said she had called several institutions and personalities of the country to denounce the aggressor, but nothing has been done so far. Her letters were addressed to the President of the Republic, the Police Commissioner, the leader of the opposition, the DPP’s office, the Attorney General’s Office and the Ombudsman. The resident of Curepipe has hired the services of Me Akil Bissessur.