Derek Jean Jacques: “Dayal a fait des fausses allegations contre moi”

The lawsuit filed by the Director of Public Prosecutions to Rudolf Derek Jean Jacques and Wesley Bruno Casimir continued on Wednesday in criminal court. The meeting  chaired by Justice Prithviraj Fekna was marked by a statement by Derek Jean Jacques.

“Sa bann parol ki Dayal inn dir a mo lankont-la, li pa vre sa. Mo dir haut et fort ki Dayal pe fer bann fos alegasion kont mwa,” he said from the dock. Derek Jean Jacques maintains he is “innocent” in this case and demand justice. “Sa pe fer kat’r’an ki mo dan prizon. Mo anvi lakour fer mwa ek mo fami zistis.”

The alleged drug lord says he found flaws in the police investigation. The police, he said, has not sought to know if he had an alibi. “Si lapolis ti dimann mwa ou verifye dat sa bann alegasion-la, zot ti pou kapav kone kot mo ti ete, parseki la plipar wiken mo sorti mwa,” said Derek Jean Jacques. He added that the police did not ask a Judge’s Order to get his phone records.

Wesley Bruno Casimir has also addressed to the court. “Mo pa dakor avek sa de sarz ki pe repros mwa-la. Mo inosan e lapolis pan fer lanket enn fason ki mo kapav donn enn lesplikasion,” said the accused.

To recall that Rudolf Derek Jean Jacques is subject to three drug trafficking charges, committed between January and June 2012. He is alleged to have issued, on two occasions, about six kilos of heroin to Seewoosing Dayal. Under the third charge, he would have given a sum of EUR 45 000 through local intermediaries to finance the importation of African heroine. These are the offences committed between January and May 2012 in Baie du Tombeau.

As for Wesley Bruno Casimir, he responds to two drug trafficking charges. He is accused of transporting drug bottles off the coast in Albion and to the shore of Baie du Tombeau. That was in March and April 2012. Both men have pleaded not guilty.

Bruno Casimir Wesley has hired Mes Chetan Baboolall and Alvin Jawaheer. While Deepak Rutnah defends Derek Jean Jacques. The prosecution is represented by Denis Mootoo and Asha Ramano. The indictment of the prosecution and defense arguments are scheduled on Thursday, June 23.