[VIDEO] A Tattoo Maker With Bio-mechanical Arms

At the tattoo convention “Tattoo Motor Show 2016” on 4 and 5 June in Davézieux en Ardèche in France, an artist stood out.

Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet from Lyon, who made his first tattoo with his new biomechanical arm.

Watch video below:

He lost his right forearm at the age of 22 and never thought he could make tattoo again. But a few days ago, the artist Jean-Louis Gonzales made him a prosthesis:

“Je suis parti d’une de ses prothèses sur laquelle je suis venu intégrer des morceaux de machine à écrire, manomètre, tuyauteries… La machine à tatouer, quant à elle, est fixée de manière à pouvoir être ajustée à son bon vouloir,” explains Jean-Louis Gonzales on his Facebook account.

According to JC Sheitan Tenet, people’s reactions were quite positive and some qualified this biomechanical arm as “so cool”.

The man said he could not feel the pressure well when making tattoos, but he is well acclimatized to his new arm tattoos on the leg of the young man with talent and precision as shown on the video.



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