Road Accident: Four People Dead In One Day, Three Young Men Among Them

They are called Louis Harris Babet, Darisson Sham, Axcel Cassadin and Vidyamit Domhun. Aged 19, 17 and 58, they all died on Friday June 17, having been victims of road accidents.

Babet Louis Harris, 19, was at the Bassin Road, Quatre Bornes, when his motorcycle skidded and crashed into a stone. The accident occurred around 11:00 AM. The young man was taken to Victoria Hospital at Candos. He passed away at 13:30. An autopsy will be performed in the afternoon. A young woman, who was also on two wheels, was wounded.

Darisson Sham, 19, and Axcel Cassadin, 17, were on a motorcycle on the New Link Road, Labourdonnais, Mapou, when they made an accident. It was around 00:50 AM. They died instantly. According to the autopsy report, the death Darisson Sham is due to multiple injuries and the Axcel Cassadin multiple brain injuries.

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Vidyamit Domhun, caretaker as profession, passed away in hospital of SSRN. This inhabitant of School Lane, morcellement St-André, was on a bicycle when he was hit by a motorcycle on Sunday, June 12.