United Kingdom: An Anti-Brexit Labor Member Killed By Bullets

Jo Cox, deputy Labor European pro-union of 41 years died of her injuries after being the target of gunfire on Thursday, June 16 at Birstall (Northern England), plunging the country into a drama one week of the referendum on Brexit.

“I regret to report that she died of her injuries,” said the head of the local police, Dee Collins, during a press conference. The death was confirmed at 12 h 48 GMT, she said.

The police, who arrested a suspect aged 52, said a “large number of witnesses” were heard. The man, whose reasons were not specified, was described by neighbors as a “loner”.

“The family of Labor and the entire country are shocked and feel sad after the horrible murder of Jo Cox”, reacted on Twitter the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn.

“The death of Jo Cox is a tragedy. She was a committed and caring member. My thoughts are with her husband Brendan and his two young children,” also commented on Twitter Prime Minister David Cameron.

While the campaign for the referendum on membership of the United Kingdom to the EU was in full seven days of voting, the attacker would have screamed “Britain First” or “Priority in the UK,” said a witness cited by Sky News.

After the announcement of the aggression against the MP, the activist camp for maintaining the UK in the EU announced the suspension of his campaign for the day.

Former Mayor of London and leader of the pro-camp Brexit (EU Release) Boris Johnson also announced that he stopped campaigning for the day while David Cameron announced he was canceling a pro rally -EU to Gibraltar where he arrived in the afternoon.

Jo Cox, pro-European depoty Labor for  Batley and Spen (West Yorkshire), was hit before collapsing in a pool of blood, according to a witness quoted by the agency Press Association.

The attack occurred near the municipal library in Birstall, where the MP regularly meets with his constituents.

The MP had been elected in the last elections in 2015.

A man also suffered minor injuries, police said.