Drug Trafficking: Two Mauritian Students, Arshad Mohamed Mahamoodally and Keshav Bowaneedin Convicted In China

The news came as a bombshell to the families of two medical students in China. Arshad Mohamed Mahamoodally and Keshav Bowaneedin were found guilty of drug trafficking in Guangzhou. In a judgment delivered on the 7th of June by the court of this city of China, Arshad Mohamed Mahamoodally was sentenced to nine years in prison. His friend wassentenced to seven years in prison. The two students appealed.

According to our information, the crime was committed in October 2015 in China. According to the indictment, the two Mauritian students traveled to another province of China where they shipped a package containing drugs by mail, specifically the “Benzedrine” concealed in a toy (a small car).

They were arrested on the 28th of October 2015. The court in Guangzhou has not accepted their bail application. Prosecuted for trafficking ‘ice drug’, they pleaded not guilty.

At trial, the prosecution relied on the testimony of bus ticket sellers and postal employees to establish the guilt of the two Mauritians. Vendors said they saw the two students buy bus tickets. The mail employees themselves reported seeing the accused inside the post. Based on the evidence provided by the witnesses, the judge found them guilty of drug trafficking.

Parents of Mohamed Arshad Mahamoodally and Keshav Bowaneedin are currently in China to take steps to expedite appeals. They have ten days to initiate administrative procedures.

According to a source, the two students were in senior year of college and had already taken part in examinations. If they had not been arrested, they would probably have returned home.