MV Benita: Minister Alain Wong Wants To Dive To Film Under The Ship

Greek experts have already submitted their report on the sinking of MV Benita at Le Bouchon on Friday.

The Environment Minister, Alain Wong, is not reassured. “C’est le seul soumissionnaire. Je dois obtenir l’avis d’un autre expert. Je solliciterai le bureau du Premier ministre pour obtenir son aval afin de pouvoir faire un ‘assessment’ indépendant,” he declared on Radio Plus in the afternoon of Sunday, June 19, after a meeting of the crisis unit set up following the incident.

Alain Wong emphasizes that it is in difficult conditions that the experts made an inventory. ” Ils pensent que certaines cales du navire ont été endommagées. Mais ils ne peuvent pas l’affirmer avec certitude. Ils ont précisé qu’il est dangereux de plonger pour explorer sous la coque du bateau.”

Alain Wong then decided to jump into the water by offering himself and dive to film under the hull of the ship. He hopes the video will allow experts to shed light on the sinking of MV Benita. “Je leur ai dit qu’ils obtiendront ces images probablement d’ici demain après-midi.”

To avoid an oil spill in the lagoon, the authorities have installed a buoy dam, called “sorbent booms” that extends over a kilometer of the vessel at sea. A crisis cell has been established in order to follow evolution of the situation in Le Bouchon. It’s in the afternoon of Friday, June 17 as the MV Benita failed on the reefs.