St-Hubert: The House Of Vishal Shibchurn Targeted By Gunfire

Incidents occurred in St-Hubert, in the evening of Saturday June 18. Gunshots were fired at the house of Vishal Shibchurn. The latter made a statement to the police of Cent-Gaulettes.

Vishal Shibchurn says he can help to identify those who fired the shots. An investigation has been opened. No arrests have been made yet.

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The man that arrested for a case of aggression, Vishal Shibchurn was released on bail last Tuesday, June 14. One woman reported being assaulted by a group of people while she was with her husband at Mare-Chicose in October 19, 2014. On Friday, June 3, 2016, she identified Vishal Shibchurn as one of the people who allegedly assaulted her. The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

Gunfire At The House Of Vishal Shibchurn

And he was also questioned as part of the investigation into the attack against the embassy of France. A police raid took place at his home. He denied any involvement in the case.

A case to follow. Stay tuned.