Gunfire In St-Hubert: Vishal Seebchurn Reveals The Name Of One Suspect

Vishal Seebchurn, a member of the Hindu Shakti Sena accuses Nicolas Adrien along with other people, to have shot towards his house in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The suspect is a member of the Committee which denounced the Gang in the South.

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Vishal Seebchurn, member of the socio-cultural organization Shakti Hindu Sena, said he escaped death. Shots were fired in the direction of his home in St-Hubert early on Sunday. Police from Cent-Gaulettes, the CID of Rose-Belle and the bloodhounds of the Scene of Crime Office (SOCO) were summoned to the scene. Police arrested Nicolas Adrien, a farmer residing of St-Hilaire.

Vishal Seebchurn told investigators that Nicolas Adrien was among a group of individuals who shot towards his house. The two men know each other. How? Nicolas Adrien and others had created the Support Committee for Justice (CSJ), whose members had met with Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth to express their concerns about the actions of the South Gang. The meeting took place in the presence of the head of National Security Service, Lokhdev Hoolash, and the Deputy Commissioner Krishna Jhugroo.

These shots, moreover, came a day after a complaint from Vishal Seebchurn at the police station in Cent-Gaulettes. According to him, individuals threatened to kill his son of 16 years, while he was on his way for tuition.

The day of the incident, says Vishal Seebchurn, he could not sleep. “ Vers 2 heures du matin, j’ai entendu mon chien aboyer. Je me suis dirigé vers la cuisine, j’ai aperçu un individu qui regardait dans la cour. J’ai ouvert la porte, deux autres personnes sont apparues. L’une d’elles tenait une arme à feu et a tiré en ma direction. Je me suis caché derrière un four. Un mur me protégeait. J’ai entendu une autre détonation, puis un véhicule qui démarrait en trombe,” he recounts. “Je ne me sens plus en sécurité depuis ces coups de feu. ”


Maheshwaree, his wife, said she was traumatized. “J’étais dans un profond sommeil. J’ai été réveillée par un bruit assourdissant, puis un second. J’ai eu peur. Mon fils et moi étions affolés, nous pleurions. Mon époux nous a demandé de ne pas nous approcher de la cuisine. J’en tremble encore en pensant à cela. Ces individus n’ont pas hésité à venir chez moi et à utiliser des armes. Ils seraient capables du pire s’ils croisent un membre de ma famille dans la rue… ,” she said.

Vishal Seebchurn was arrested after the attack in March on Noorsing Aslam, a resident of Cluny who had severed wrists. He denied any involvement in the case. He was also questioned in the case of the shooting of Le St-Georges Hotel and the Embassy of France. He told investigators that he has no weapons permit and denied any involvement in the case. Police searched his home and found nothing.

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Arrested last May after a wave of reported incidents in the South, Vishal Seebchurn is on parole. Some, including the CSJ, accused him of being a member of a gang which sows terror in the South.

Detained, Nicolas Adrien will give his version of events on Monday, before appearing in court. Two other suspects are being sought.