Burned with acid, Venkatesh Camdoo lack of money for treatment

His youth was torn from him free and violently. Where he had to enjoy his teenage life, Venkatesh Camdoo had to end high school. He now spends his days either at home or at the Fortis-Darné clinic. He was attacked with acid last year when he was only 17 years old.

His treatment costs a lot. His father Vishnu must find Rs 150,000 as soon as possible since he has not yet paid the previous bill. Vishnu has the support of his family because his savings are exhausted long ago. He lacks a lot of money to allow his son to continue his care. His parents have had to pay over Rs 1.2 million.

Mon épouse et moi avions pris des emprunts pour financer son traitement,” said Vishnu. There is a marked improvement since he began his treatment in the clinic, but he still has a long way to go.


The young man, now major, whom L’Express met last Monday, June 20, relates his aggression on January 10, 2015. That day, Venkatesh was beaten with swords and woods before being attacked with acid. This teenager from Boulet Rouge, Flacq was preparing to integrate Form V class at OCEP College. He was working in a sewing factory, Cottage. In the car of the owner of the factory who led him to work with three other young friends who were there to make a little pocket money by working just like Venkatesh.

Wrong target
Dès que je suis descendu de la voiture, trois hommes se sont jetés sur moi avant de m’agresser. Je ne cessais de demander la raison de leur acte. L’agression a duré 45 secondes, mais j’ai vu la mort en face. Je ne croyais pas que j’allais m’en sortir. J’étais seul contre trois hommes et mes amis m’avaient abandonné,” recalls Venkatesh under the gaze of his father and his grandparents.

Vishnu Camdoo, Laundry Supervisor at the Long Beach Hotel, was informed of the assault on Venkatesh by one of three young people who accompanied him. “Il m’a appelé pour me dire que mon fils a été tabassé avant de me rappeler pour me dire que ses agresseurs l’ont brûlé à l’acide. Je ne comprenais rien. Je savais que mon fils n’avait pas de mauvaises fréquentations et je ne savais pas pourquoi on lui en voulait.” The young man had to spend over a month at Victoria Hospital in Candos, including a week in intensive care Burns Unit.

Investigators from the Criminal Police of Piton, responsible for the investigation, arrested four residents from the East after viewing the images of surveillance cameras. They have confessed and claimed that they had been hired to attack the owner of the factory and they got the wrong target.

Li pa fasil pou subir tou sa la. Mo zanfan ti kapav mor. Ek la fami fin tann tou kalité kozé,” he says.

Vishnu and his wife, Vimla want the life of their son returns to normal and bring a court case against the factory owner to do justice to their son.