Damages Of Rs 50 Million: Ish Sookun Filed In Court

Arrested in connection with the investigation into the email threat of a terrorist attack In Mauritius, Ish Sookun, Linux System Administrator to The Sentinel, has consistently maintained his innocence. Besides, he describes his arrest as arbitrary. This is why he filed a complaint to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, June 21, to demand damages of Rs 50 million jointly and severally with the State, the police commissioner Mario Nobin, the assistant police commissioner Heman Jangi, the assistant superintendent of police Tritudeo Dawoodarry, surveyor Robin Bundhoo and the Director of public prosecutions (DPP), Mr Satyajit Boolell, Senior Counsel.

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In his complaint written by Me Luvi Mootoosamy, Ish Sookun made history of his arrest, his appearance in court to bail and the abandonment of the trial by the DPP. He indicates that members of the Central CID had arrested him on January 23 at his home in Quartier-Militaire. Moreover, they conducted a search at his home and accused him of being involved in terrorist acts.

Ish Sookun asserts that the actions of police officers traumatized his family. He added that his family and him were humiliated by the way the police arrested him in the presence of neighbors and members of the public who have gathered outside his house.

The computer engineer was detained at the police station in Rivière-des-Anguilles before being presented to the Bail and Remand Court where an interim charge, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, was filed against him on the 24th of January. Police had objected to his release on parole. He was subsequently transferred to Moka detention center. Ish Sookun was released on bail on the 2nd of February. His lawyer had presented a motion to the interim charge that weighed against him to be scratched.

Two months later, the charge was dropped. But that case, he said, has tarnished the reputation of his family.