ADSU: Rs. 9.6 Million Worth Of Cannabis Seized

Recently, the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit members have mounted operations to find cannabis plantations across the country. Cannabis plants were uprooted in the regions of Mare-Longue, Corps de Garde and Grand Bay.

A team of Helicopter Squadron and the drug squad of Rose Hill made an operation on Thursday, June 23 morning. They flew over several parts of the country to look for plantations of cannabis. A search over the area of Corps-de-Garde mountain was successful. The Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) has deployed bloodhounds and they have found 705 plants of cannabis that they then uprooted.

Moreover, the pilot of the Chetak helicopter, the assistant police commissioner Sookun and his co-pilot, Superintendent Bobbychurn flew over the Mare-Longue area, where they noticed a large plantation of cannabis in forest land. When members of the ADSU went to the scene they found 1904 plants of cannabis. In one day, the men of the inspector Doobaree uprooted 2,609 cannabis plants with a street value of Rs 7, 827, 000. Furthermore over Rs 1.8 million worth of cannabis plants were uprooted in an hour in sugarcane fields in Grand Baie canes during an operation by the ADSU of the region on Wednesday.

Cannabis Plants

Following specific information, the bloodhounds of the drug squad, led by the chief inspector Maudhoo, went to a sugarcane field in Mont Choisy around 10:30 AM. During this operation, 498 cannabis plants measuring 40 centimeters were uprooted. The market value of the plamts is estimated at Rs 1.494 million.

After Mont Choisy, the bloodhounds of ADSU visited other sugarcane fields at Goodlands around 11:30 AM where they uprooted a hundred of cannabis plants measuring 1.75 m. The market value of the plants is estimated at Rs 330 000. During this operation in Goodlands, the use of police helicopter was requested. An investigation is underway to find the cannabis growers.

Furthermore, last Friday, the bloodhounds of ADSU had uprooted 497 gandia plants at Mont Choisy again. The market value is estimated at Rs 1, 491, 000. The investigation is under the supervision of the Deputy Police Commissioner Choolun Bhojoo.