Indonesia: More Than 20 Dead In Floods And Landslides

Floods and landslides have killed more than 20 people on the Indonesian island of Java, many residents were trapped in their homes by mudslides, said a government official on Sunday.

Thousands of homes were submerged in central Java province due to heavy rains since Saturday, said the spokesman for civil security, Sutopo Purwo Nughroho.

24 dead, 26 missing

“Preliminary figures indicate that the floods and landslides in the province have killed 24 people, and 26 people are missing,” he said in a statement.

Aerial images broadcast by local television channels showed people perched on the roof of their home to escape the rise of muddy water. Risk areas of the densely populated province have been most affected by mud walls and stone carrying the houses they passed.

In one district, five people were buried by mud in their home. In another, nine people were killed while trying to clear a road. “Suddenly, a huge mudslide has hit cars and people on the street. Nine bodies were retrouvĂ©sĂ© “Mr Sutopo said.

Temporary shelters

The research of the 26 missing people are underway and temporary shelters were constructed for displaced persons, he added.

Landslides are common in Indonesia, an archipelago in the tropical climate for natural disasters and heavy rains.

In May, 15 students on leave in Sibolangit, a mecca of ecotourism in North Sumatra, died on Sunday in a landslide caused by heavy showers. Nearly 100 people were killed in December 2014 in a field in Java slip.