[VIDEO] Found Dead At Her Home: Aisha Bibi Ooduruth – The Story Of A Martyr Woman

In thirteen years her life changed dramatically. From secretary of a lawyer to a victim of the hell of drugs, Aisha Ooduruth experienced a life full of blows with an addict companion, according to relatives of the victim. The plight of the young woman ended in June 21 when his lifeless body was found at her home.

The pictures show the terrible attack she suffered two weeks before her death in June 9. Aisha Bibi Ooduruth then got a protection order. She was found dead at her home in Plaine Verte, in the evening of Tuesday, June 21. The autopsy performed by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin attributed the death to a cerebral edema.

Aisha Ooduruth

The police ruled out the possibility of foul play. However, sample of the victim were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis. Pending the results, the Plaine-Verte Police is continuing its investigation under the supervision of ASP Salim Hosseny. But for the family of the victim, the circumstances surrounding the death of Aisha are suspicious …

His mother Rooksana Dinally, aged 57, relates the hell life of her daughter during the thirteen years that she spent with her alleged tormentor. Aisha is from a family of seven children including four boys. She studied up to Form V at the London College before being hired as a secretary in the office of a lawyer. At 21 she married Noordin.

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For a year, the couple led a stable life. However, the life of Aisha was turned upside down when she made the acquaintance of a certain Bashir. The young woman then decided to cohabit with this man, against the advice of his parents, after leaving her husband.

Yasseen, the brother of the victim says that everything went well for the first four years during which they lived together. Aisha and Bashir had a daughter, now aged ten. However, says Yasseen, the couple’s life took another turn when Bashir who was a bus driver lost his job. “Linn koumans bat mo ser ek mo finn aprann osi ki zot ti koumans tous ladrog,” recalls the young man.

22 days in coma

The couple then engulfed in a downward spiral of drugs, violence and trouble with the police. “Souvan, mo bofrer finn gagn case lapolis ek mo ser al tir li lor kosyon. Plizir fwa Aisha finn vinn lakaz avek bann mark lor li. Li dir Bashir kinn fer li sa. Me apre li retournn kot li. Linn mem fer mo ser al mandie lor sime pou gagn larzan pou droge,” said Yasseen.

In 2010, parents of Aisha woke up in shock. Neighbors found the woman lying in a pool of blood in front of their door. “Mo finn aprann ki Bashir finn bat mo tifi lor sime ver 7 er sa zour-la, ek li finn vinn zet li inkonsian divan nou  laport. Nou finn bizin fer SAMU vinn pran li,” continues Rooksana Dinally.

Aisha had several fractured ribs. She stayed in coma for 22 days. When she regained consciousness, she filed a complaint against Bashir. She then returned to live with her mother. Plaine-Verte police then started to look for her partner to arrest him. However, two weeks later his sister decided to return with Bashir and to withdraw the complaint she had made against him.

Thereafter, the back and forth of Aisha at her mother’s place whenever she was being beaten is no longer counted. As a misfortune never comes alone, the young woman was the victim of a road accident in May when she was on a motorcycle with Bashir. Her bladder exploded and was hospitalized for ten days.

Once recovered, she returned to live with her partner. On the night of Sunday, June 5, Aisha arrived at her mother’s place with her daughter. She was beaten again by Bashir. Two days later, she returned with him. “Mo pa kompran. Li ti retournn ar li a sak fwa, malgre li gagn bate kouma zanimo. Mo ti dir li kit sa boug-la parski enn zour li pou trouv lamor,” says the mother.

Four days later, on June 9, Aisha who was a mess arose once again at her parents. It was around 5 am on that day. Rooksana Dinally and her children were starting the fast of Ramadan. Aisha was accompanied by her daughter. She had a disfigured face and could barely stand. “Li dir Bashir finn bat li depi merkredi apremidi ziska zedi. Linn pil so latet lor miray, bril li partou ek sigaret ek bat li ek kourwa motosiklet,” says the fifties.

Disfigured by the blows
Yasseen then had the sense to take some pictures of his sister with her injuries before driving to the hospital where she was admitted. Plaine-Verte Police came to register the complaint of Aisha who was in her hospital bed. In her statement, she complained against Bashir. Six days later, she returned to her mother’s place where she stayed until Tuesday, June 21.

“Linn ale. Li dir li bizin al depoz so tifi lekol. Li ti byen. Me ver 18h30, lapolis vinn inform nou ki Aisha inn mor. Nou oule lazistis. Mo tifi ti byen kan linn kit mo lakaz. Bizin ena kitsoz lous. Nou swete ki lapolis menn so lanket pou konn laverite. Bashir bizin paye pou linn agres Aisha le 9 juin osi, parski mo tifi ti sou Protection Order,” concludes Rooksana Dinally.