[VIDEO] The Special Mobile Force Celebrates Its 56th Anniversary

The Special Mobile Force is a paramilitary unit that serves as the main internal security force in Mauritius. As Mauritius has no dedicatedmilitary, mainly due to the cost that it would incur, the SMF forms part of the Mauritius Police Force, with its personnel on long term rotation from the police force.

The SMF was formed following the withdrawal of the British garrison on Mauritius in 1960. The primary task of the SMF when it was formed was to ensure the internal security of the country. As formed, the SMF was made up of members of the local police force and Mauritian veterans of the Second World War.

Watch video below:


The Special Mobile Force officers visited the hospice of St Jean de Dieu on Friday, June 24. This was an outing to celebrate the 56th anniversary of the unit.