Dr A. G. Jeetoo: 11 Year Old Rohan Gooroodyal Dies After Three Months, Negligence Suspected

Since his admission to the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo hospital in March Gooroodyal Rohan was operated six times. The evil “mystery” which he was suffering finally got the better of him: the student died on Friday.

In May, his family had complained to the police of the Jeetoo hospital and had referred the case to the Ministry of Health, suspecting negligence. The ministry was investigating on the matter, a source from the ministry revealed.

After the death of the boy who attended Gros Cailloux government school, his father Sunil Kumar Gooroodyal is more convinced to go forward with his fight. The inhabitant of Canot wants the truth about his son’s death as it remains still unclear concerning the disease his son suffered.

Rohan Gooroodyal was admitted to hospital after complaining of stomach pains. An initial observation by doctors had attributed his troubles to an inflamed appendix. Doctors predicted that the boy would be cured after surgery. But this was not the case.

After the operation, Sunil Kumar Gooroodyal learned that complications were noted during the operation. A piece of Rohan intestine was removed and the school boy was transferred to intensive care unit after his operation.

The patient’s father requested a meeting with the doctor of his son who explained that the wound did not heal and needed another surgery. Operations were then chained until the death of his son on Friday.