Jardin De la Compagnie: A Police Senior Traps A Prostitute

A police assistant superintendent did not hesitate to drop the uniform to catch the acts of a prostitute. The young 30 year old woman approached him while he was in civilian clothes and made advances to him … for a fee.

When police officers exchange their uniforms to act as normal civilians, prostitutes are the first ones who are misled. One of them, Marie Angie H., a resident of Cité La Cure has been trapped by the police on Thursday, June 23. An assistant superintendent of police (ASP) acted as a client and his team stopped the young woman caught in the act.

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During the day on Thursday, the senior officer put aside his uniform for the “crackdown” operation against prostitutes in the capital. At La Jardin de la compagnie, he saw two women sitting on a bench and suspected them to be prostitutes. A pimp was also in the vicinity.

The policeman sat on the bench while members of his team, dressed in civilian clothes, patrolled the garden. One of the prostitutes, Angie Marie H., came and sat next to the ASP and struck up a conversation. She asked him straight out: “Est-ce qu’une fellation vous intéresse ? Cela coûtera Rs 200.”

Playing the game, the caller pretends to be afraid to be harassed by the authorities and the prostitute reassures him. The officer told her that he wants to spend half a day with her and a friend will join him. “Pena problem. Li pou fer Rs 1 000 lamwatie zourne,” replied the young woman. The ASP said that he has not the money on him and he must make a withdrawal. It was at that very moment that plainclothes police officers intervene to stop Angie Marie H.
“Il a fallu agir très vite. Ce genre d’opérations est très délicat et risqué. D’autres prostituées et des proxénètes peuvent surgir et opposer de la résistance, et ces derniers sont souvent armés de cutters. La situation peut vite dégénérer,” explains the ASP.

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Angie Marie H. initially denied the facts. She said she was looking for a cigarette and asked for money to go home. But subjected to close questioning at the police station of Pope Hennessy, the young woman who has been in trouble with the police eventually confessed. She was charged in court in Port Louis. A provisional charge of “solliciting male person for immoral purpose” has been lodged against her. The woman pleaded guilty and had to pay a fine of Rs 2,000.

Since the beginning of the year, police launched Operation Medusa to drive away prostitutes in the capital. The target areas are the Jardin de la compagnie, Place d’Armes, Cocoterie road at Ste-Croix and Roche-Bois. The aim is to ensure public safety for several robberies and assaults that were recently recorded at the streets of La Poudrière and Mère Barthélémy in Port-Louis as well as the Cocoterie road. Police suspect that this is the work of prostitutes and pimps.