Accident At Quartier Militaire: The Pedestrian Hit By A Bus Identified

The victim of a road accident whose body was placed in the morgue of the Flacq Hospital has been identified. It is Issuwanee Dookhee, a resident of Nicolière Road, St-Pierre. Her funeral was held on Saturday morning 25th of June. This woman aged 74 was hit by a bus at the Quartier-Militaire bus station on Thursday.

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Relatives of Issuwanee Dookhee were unaware that she had been hit by a bus. Police alerted them on Friday night. The resident of St-Pierre lived alone and often went out to go visit members of her family. “On ne sait pas où elle se rendait ce jour-là,” emphasized a relative of the victim. The septuagenarian was in possession of a bag containing clothes.