[Goodlands] Wanted For Theft: Ally Toorabally Hossen Cut His Throat To Escape

On Friday 4 AM the criminal brigade of Goodlands with a search warrant raided the home of a repeat offender. He was wanted for burglary.

But on arriving at his house the police found him with a throat injury. Ally Toorabally Hossen, alias Cheng had just served seven years in prison for theft. He was released two months ago. The Central Investigating Division of Goodlands got a clue of his alleged involvement in a robbery last week ata policeman’s house in Goodlands. A sum of Rs 100,000 was stolen. When the detectives met him, Hossen Ally Toorabally reportedly threatened them by saying he is an AIDS patient.

Then he would have taken a blade and said “Si zot apros ar mwa, mo pou koup mwa.” His relatives have unsuccessfully tried to calm him.

“Mo pa re anvi al prizon,” he reportedly said. Since he was bleeding profusely, he was rushed to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses where he received first aid. He was then transferred to a psychiatric hospital because he behaved violently. He is currently admitted.

A police officer is posted as sentinels at his bedside. The CID of Goodlands, under the supervision of sergeants Krishna Nair and Ramasawmy, will question him when he recovers. This repeat offender is known to the police for several cases of robbery and assault. The survey is conducted under the supervision of police superintendent Callee.