[VIDEO] Ammonia Leak At Food And Allied: A Dozen Of Employees Admitted In Hospital

Panic in the premises of Food and Allied Group in Phoenix on Monday morning June 27. Thirty employees had to be transported to Victoria Hospital after an ammonia leak.

Ten of them were hospitalized. They were placed under observation.

Watch video below:


All plant employees were evacuated as a safety measure before the situation returns to normal.

Thierry Spéville, General Manager of Avipro, a subsidiary of Food and Allied Group, ensures that operations continue at the plant.

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The incident occurred while the employees of the maintenance department were on the roof of the factory where there are devices containing ammonia.

“Ils faisaient une vidange. La vanne était un peu serrée. Ils ont forcé pour l’ouvrir. Malheureusement ils ont perdu un peu le contrôle. Il y a eu une fuite et le gaz s’est répandu dans l’usine,” says Thierry Spéville.