[Grand Bay] Assault Of Two Rugby Player: Four Suspects Arrested

An incident broke out at a pub in Grand Bay on the evening of June 19. Pierre Gayraud and Félix Le Bourhis, two French rugby players were attacked by four armed men with swords and machetes. They were accompanied by their teammate Étienne Herjean at the time of the assault.

The two French nationals are in Mauritius in the wake of the second edition of the World Cup 10’s, an international rugby tournament, have complained to the Grand Bay police. According to the version of Félix Le Bourhis given to the police, they gave money to the attackers as they were in threat. They brought the latter at the nearest ATM to withdraw money. The athlete with a foot injury says he gave them Rs 20,000, while his friend Gayraud was forced to hand over Rs 10,000.

Confronted with this case of aggression, policemen from Grand Bay station has forwarded the case to the Criminal Investigation Division of the locality. The inspector Jodhoa in charge of the criminal brigade, has taken things in hand. His squad worked hard to go back to the attackers. Thanks to the surveillance cameras records of a bank the four suspects were identified. Meanwhile, the player of rugby club of Bayonne returned to France.

On Monday, a squad has searched the Camp Carol area in Grand Baie. The sleuths have arrested Fabrice Carnel, Varun Palani, Jean-Luc Jonjon Louis and François Burty.

The suspects confessed. However, they accused the rugby players to have damaged a vehicle leaving a pub. Fabrice Carnel conceded negotiating with the French for compensation. However, he denies having attacked them. The suspect accuses two other people.

The operation that led to the arrest of these four young men, known to police, was conducted with the assistance of Sergeant Mooroteea, Corporal Bankar, constables Bajan, Adhin, Jayram Agundhooa and under the supervision of the inspector Jodhoa.