Sentenced In China For Drug Trafficking: The Students Say They Were Used By A Nigerian

They had in perspective a career in medecine, but they saw their dreams break suddenly. Arshad and Keshav say they were trapped by a Nigerian.

Arshad and Keshav, medical students in China, found themselves involved in a drug case. They were arrested by the anti-drug brigade of china in October 28, 2015. The arrest came after the Chinese customs intercepted a package containing Ice Drug, a synthetic drug in toys. A man named John Vincent Obialor from Nigeria, considered the mastermind of this case, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Keshav was sentenced to 7 years in prison and Arshad 9 years in a judgment delivered on the 7th of June by the court of Guangzhou. The two Mauritians have appealed and are very confident of being found innocent, because, they maintain, they have been manipulated by the Nigerian.

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A document dated 16th of December 2015 issued by the Mauritian Embassy in Beijing said that there was not sufficient evidence to incriminate Arshad and Keshav and that the anti-drug brigade need to continue its investigation. Here is what it says: “As a follow-up Mission contacted the Anti Smuggling Bureau of Maoming to inquire about progress in the above mentioned case and was informed as follows. The prosecutor returned the case back to the Anti smuggling bureau of Maoming on the basis that there is no sufficient evidence against the two Mauritian nationals.”
The prosecution relied on the testimony of bus ticket vendors and postal employees. According to Keshav parents, “he was trapped.” They add : “Ce sont des enfants très responsables et ils ne sont pas du genre à tremper dans des affaires criminelles. Depuis quatre ans, ils étudient la médecine à Guangzhou et il leur reste une dernière année. Nous allons nous battre pour prouver leur innocence !”

The Chinese authorities have no evidence that Keshav is directly related to the case, while in the case of Arshad, the only incriminating evidence is that he was in contact with John Vincent Obialor. In their statements, both Mauritians have explained to familiarize with Obialor in a bar. They befriended him who presented himself as a businessman who proposed them to deliver a package containing toys to a friend at a place called Maoming. The two students agreed but once they got there, the person never came. Arshad telephoned John who asked him to ship the package to his friend by mail. For simplicity, both Mauritians have followed the guidelines Obialor.
China: 132 Nigerians waiting to be executed
In China, 132 Nigerians are on death row after being found guilty of drug trafficking. According to China News, in March 2015, a Nigerian was arrested by the Guangzhou police for drug trafficking. He used his girlfriend as Chinese mule: “The Nigerian man deliberately sought Chinese women as girlfriends and lured them to help him smuggle drugs by mailing packages of drugs. “