Synthetic Drugs: 19 Detainees At Brown Sequard Since January 2016

How many patients have been admitted to Brown-Sequard hospital after consuming the synthetic drug? This is what the drug investigation commission chaired by Paul Lam Shang Leen wanted to know. According to figures presented by the Medical Superintendent Valentina Sheik Hassam on Monday, June 27, 54 men and one woman were interned in 2015. And from January 2016 to date, they are 18 men and one woman.

Regarding non-synthetic drugs, 56 men and six women were referred to the hospital in 2015. Among them were 18 men and two women for consumption of brown sugar, 22 men and two women for cannabis, 16 men and two women for simultaneous or alternating use of several drugs.

Dr. Pauvaday, Director General of Health Services Ministry of Health, has also testified before the inquiry commission on drugs. He said that the Pharmacy Act must be reviewed. A committee has studied the issue and a draft report should be ready in two to three months. Also, a Medicine Regulatory Agency will be established to regulate the prescription of medicines in hospitals.