[VIDEO] In Indonesia, Your Family And Your Mother Must Attend Your Virginity

If in France losing one’s virginity remains personal except for the guys who are happy to announce to all of their friends, at “Woodlands New Town” in Singapore and not in Indonesia (Updated June 26, 2016) it is quite another thing. Indeed, families perpetuate a funny tradition over the years, that come together to attend the deflowering of a family member. But the story gets even more murky when a photo of the event is posted on social networks!

The uncle who immortalized the moment revealed to reporters: “Most people find it strange, but for our family, there is nothing more rewarding than to celebrate the deflowering of his son, his brother or nephew.” And this annoying cliche? It is the same uncle who is the author of it. Being himself who went through this ritual, the man knows how important the support of his family is invaluable in that time so intimate.


Deflowering Tradition

“To have my family with me to accompany me made me less nervous. They have even given me advice on how to proceed. At first I had trouble penetrating my girlfriend, but my mother suggested that I go more smoothly and relax, so I was finally allowed to enter into her.”

On the photo published on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, we can see the mother and sister at the bedside of the young man (20 years of age) to encourage him and give him advice. And best for last, as the shot was taken at the moment of orgasm as explained the uncle: “I took the picture just before he enjoys. It was really a beautiful scene”