Georges Jacques Désiré Laval: A Sentence Of 13 years Imprisonment For Strangling Mary Murielle Ducray

He strangled his victim, Mary Murielle Ducray, for a sum of Rs 300. Georges Jacques Désiré Laval was sentenced on Wednesday June 29 to 13 years in prison by judge Benjamin Joseph Marie in criminal court.

This man of 64 years worked as a gardener at the old lady of 76 years old. He had been convicted of “wilfully and unlawfully inflicted wounds and blows upon the person of Marie Murielle Ducray without intention to kill, but the said wounds and blows wilfully inflicted had nevertheless caused her death.

This crime was committed at the home of the septuagenarian in May 8, 2012. In his testimony, the accused who was represented by Mr. Yousuf Ali Azaree said he did so because the woman owed him Rs 300. The old man had pleaded guilty in the Court of assizes before apologizing. He also called for clemency of the court, pointing to his age and the fact that he had already spent four years behind bars since his arrest.

The prosecution was represented by Roshan Santokhee and Pamela Veerabadren.