MV Benita: Alain Wong “Worried” Of The Use Of Explosives

Alain Wong, Minister of the Environment, beaches and management of natural disasters, says he is concerned about the use of explosives in the bailout of MV Benita in Le Bouchon.

It was during his speech on Wednesday, June 29 at the opening of the Blue Bay Marine Park Centre.

A blasting operation this week to free the Liberian bulk carrier MV Benita off reefs in Le Bouchon is set. The MV Benita that was en route to Durban in South Africa after leaving India, failed on Friday June 17 in Le Bouchon after an argument between two crew members.

Alain Wong, however, says his ministry will ensure that everything is done with respect for the environment.

The Blue Bay Marine Park Centre will be used for administration of the marine park of Blue Bay, as well as scientific analysis of samples. This center was built at a cost of Rs 35 million and funded by the state.

Also present at the inauguration: Lady Sarojini Jugnauth and Prem Koonjoo, Minister of Economy ocean, marine resources, fisheries, maritime transport and scattered islands.

As for Prem Koonjoo, he says being “not aware” of the use of explosives. He says he’s waiting for expert advice and ensures that everything will be done to mitigate the environmental damage.