[VIDEO] Extortion, Punches And Injuries: The Rugby Players Abusers Identified Thanks To A Camera

It is from images recorded by a surveillance camera that police were able to go back to those who attacked the French rugby players in Grand Bay. The camera is located near an ATM of a bank where the victims supplied money to those threatening them.

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The four criminals – Fabrice Carnel, Varun Palani, Jean Luc Jonjon, Louis Francois Burty – all inhabitants of Camp Carol, Grand Bay, were arrested on Monday. They attacked two French rugby with machetes and saber namely Félix Le Bourhis and Pierre Gayraud, who were in Mauritius as part of the World Cup 10’s, an international tournament. The attack took place on the night of Sunday June 19. The two French nationals were forced under threat of sharp weapons to go to an ATM to withdraw cash.

Watch video below:


Both were thus extorted the sum of Rs 30 000. As part of the investigation, the staff of the Criminal Investigation Division of Grand Bay viewed the images recorded by the surveillance camera installed near the automatic teller machine in question. They identified the two rugby players in the company of the suspect Fabrice Carnel and one of his accomplices.

In his testimony, Fabrice Carnel said he was negotiating with the two French nationals that they accused of damaging the headlight of a car.

On Tuesday, four suspects appeared before the court in Mapou. They were provisionally charged with larceny by more than two in number and bearing offensive weapons.