The Heartbreaking Story Of A Girl Of 13 Years: Ayesha When Poverty Is Combined With Medical Negligence

It all starts with the show ‘Heart Affair’ on Tuesday morning. Pamela Patten welcomes on antenna the young Ayesha, 13 years. She confides the problems of ‘cash loan’, a different reality is emerging. The team TopFM did not remain insensitive to the situation of this family, like many listeners who have volunteered to help. This teenager was devastated with health concern that her mother aged 37 faced. The latter became blind since 4 years now following an incident.

This family drama has shocked many. On the radio, we have received several calls from members wanting to help this family in distress. We even started an internal investigation to clarify this case.

Watch video below:


How Mauritius 2.0, the Cyber Island, a very powerful financial center, the Integrated Resort Scheme or the country where the 4 strongest banks in the country are raking over 12 billion rupees of profit, can accept that people live in abominable and precarious conditions while we are in 2016? …

Mauritians should reflect on their self-centeredness while their countrymen die with small fire close to their home … We can only express our indignation and want the fastest reactions of the authorities … A gesture of each member of public would be welcome to relieve that distress in the family.

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