[VIDEO] Jean René Bryan Juste, 19 Year Old Found Dead In The Toilet

Gruesome discovery late in the evening yesterday, Friday 1st July at Geoffroy, Bambous. The body of Jean René Bryan Juste aged 19 and living in Vacoas was found in the toilet of the old office of the Social Security at Bambous. The place is known as the den for drug addicts.

The cousin and a friend of the victim made the discovery of his body. Relatives and friends had gathered near the scene of the tragedy. Summoned to the scene, investigators and forensic technicians found that the body of the victim had various injuries.

Watch video below:


Early indications revealed that the young man reportedly died after an overdose. But no track is ruled out for the time being. The body was taken to the morgue of the Victoria Hospital in Candos. An autopsy will be performed this morning to confirm the cause of death.