[Bambous] Bryan Juste Died Of A Drug Overdose At 19 – “Il consommait de la drogue synthétique”

Emotions at the funeral of Bryan Juste on Saturday, July 2. The young man’s body was found in the night of Friday in the bathroom of the old Social Security office in Bambous. The autopsy performed on Saturday attributed the death to pulmonary edema caused by an overdose. The police are now awaiting the results of analyzes carried out by the laboratory of Candos hospital to see if synthetic drugs is the cause.

It consumed besides, if one believes his friends. Bryan Fair, described as calm, cheerful, and who practiced boxing, ended up “pran enn simé traver akoz manklankadréman,” said a neighbor, on bitterly. Bryan would thus have recently started dating “other” group.

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Il a découvert la drogue synthétique et il n’était plus le même. Il avait commencé à voler, il devait de l’argent à pas mal de monde par ici,” says a friend. Suddenly, the young man who lived in Vacoas had abandoned his family.

“On ne le reverra plus jamais…”
Des fois il était chez moi, d’autres fois chez une copine à Vacoas. Parfwa, nou mem pa koné kot li alé,” confides shyly one of his cousins. Now, “on ne le reverra plus jamais,” he added, saddened by Bryan’s disappearance.

Bryan’s funeral was held at her aunt’s place in Bambous. Dozens of people came to pay their last respects to the young man “gone too soon”. Crushed by the weight of pain, Gloria Juste, Bryan’s mother learned the sad news through a cousin who called her on Saturday morning. “Mo zanfan ki ti bizin anter mwa,” insists Gloria, inconsolable.

It’s been a month since she had no news of his son. “Ne fait aucune déclaration à la presse,” whispers the brother of Bryan.