Mysterious Discovery In San Francisco: The Intact Body Of A Child In A Coffin Of 145 Years

In San Francisco, a coffin which dates from 145 years ago contained a mystery. Ericka Karner who lives next to the Richmond District had trouble believing what she saw. In the vitreous trunk the intact body of a girl of three years who had a rose in her hand was indeed there. The woman who was tarting up her house fell on the mysterious discovery.

“Miranda, the mystery girl”
The child was wearing a white dress and on the coffin, she read: “Miranda, the girl mystery.” “I was in shock. A little girl was buried under my house. But I did not fall off my chair. I also know the history of this land,” said Ericka Karner on 7sur7.be citing an information from Daily Mail.

Mystery Girl Miranda

Closed cemetery
According to our sources, “Miranda” was probably among the 30,000 bodies buried in the cemetery of Odd Fellows which closed in 1890. By 1920, thousands of bodies were transferred to Colma. But that of the girl of three years has clearly not been moved. Since this discovery, “Miranda” has been filed in another cemetery of San Francisco.



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