[SECONDARY SCHOOL VIOLENCE] Teacher Insulted By Parent In A College Of The Northern Region

Despite attempts made to block her access, an angry parent forced her way into the building of a northern state college. The incident took place during school hours on last Friday, 1st of July. The parent entered the classroom where the teacher was and insulted the latter.

According to sources, two students had quarreled during recess time and one of the two had informed his parent. The furious parent arrived within minutes. The school attendants tried to stop him at the gate itself  but it vain. He went straight to the classroom where his son was.

In trying to calm down the situation, the teacher who intervened was insulted by the parent. The parent also pushed chairs and desks violently. The police has looked into the matter now.

The matter was reported to the Ministry of Education and an investigation is underway. There were verbal exchanges but fortunately, no one was physically injured.